Turkey’s major bean breeder MAY Seed has licensed its green bean variety, Asya, to a company in the U.S.A.Becoming a strong and well known Turkish Seed company with 40 years of experience, MAY Seed not only exports seeds from Turkey to over 40 countries but also exports seed technology and license as a result of strong R&D investment.Materializing around 10 percent of Turkey’s annual seed exports individually, MAY Seed also began to export proprietary corn hybrids bred in Turkey to USA, which is one of world’s largest corn producing country.Having carried out R&D, production, domestic and overseas sale of vegetable, field, industrial and forage crop species seeds since 1978, MAY Seed added 3 new varieties to its green beans portfolio this year as a result of intense breeding programmes. A leading brand in the Turkish Market in bean seed supply, MAY Seed made a name with a broad product portfolio that meets the expectations and needs of the green beans market and food industry with its pod quality, taste, resistance to disease, potential for high yields, long shelf life and suitability for mechanized harvest in the pole and dwarf beans segments.

Providing detailed information about bean breeding activities, MAY Seed Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Hamdi Çiftçiler said, “We’re breeding and developing highly yielding varieties with best resistance to stress conditions that would meet the needs and expectations of the green beans market in our R&D stations with different climate characteristics across Turkey. In our variety breeding and product development processes, which we carry out in line with changing consumer trends and increasing industrial production, we are focusing on varieties that would support industrial production in the yield, quality and process stages. In addition to high yield potential and resistance to diseases, we also give priority to ideal fruit colour and product size, long shelf life, excellent taste and suitability for mechanized harvest and provide our producers with highly competitive varieties.”

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