Thanks to our investments in the R&D, technology, and human resources since 1978 we develop and produce our seeds and work for a strong future with great passion and responsibility.
We develop high-yield seed varieties compatible with their regions of growth with our On-Site Breeding Strategy, providing our farmers and the agricultural sector with added value.
With our directorates and strategic cooperation at target countries, today we export seeds to over 45 countries under MAY license and brand.

Our Platform Brands

SmartOR, is special platform brand where we present to farmers the sunflower seed varieties we develop with the latest breeding technology, genetically resistant to Orobanche Parasite and Sunflower Downy Mildew diseases, with high herbicide tolerance. More...

Our portfolio of MAY Silage variety, which we have created especially for farmers and livestock enterprises with different needs and expectations in the production of silage corn, is offered to our producers in 3 different groups with special solutions. More...

MyFiber and MyFiber Plus are special brands that we have developed as a result of our cotton breeding activities, where we position our cotton varieties with high yield and high quality fiber values, offering high profits to farmers, ginning businesses and textile industry professionals. More...

Data Oriented, Rapid,
Competitive Seed Breeding with State-of-the-Art Equipment and Specialized Breeding Team

In line with our breeding on-site strategy we conduct research at our R&D stations and micro trial fields in different regions of Turkey. Utilizing the accumulated data and our specialized plant breeding team combined with state-of-the-art technology we are able to introduce to farmers in Turkey and target countries competitive seed varieties and production technologies.


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