With our over 40 years of experience in the industry, we strive for a healthier and stronger future, endeavoring to carry your institution forward with our investments in R&D, technology and human resources.

At this point, we not only develop our business, but also invest in the development of the national agriculture, increase the pace of development in the industry, and develop all our stakeholders for sustainable agriculture, which we accept as our corporate responsibility.

Strong Seed

A strong seed is the first and most valuable link in the production chain of safe, high quality and sustainable foodstuffs, which is a basic need of the rapidly increasing world population in increasingly difficult environmental conditions.

As MAY Seed, with the strength we derive from our R&D infrastructure, we aim to develop innovative and competitive seeds that contribute to sustaining efficient production of farmers in changing climate conditions at agricultural areas with declining quality and in increasingly difficult competition conditions, striving for a sustainable agriculture.

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